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A young warrior must rise above what he is to become what he was born to be…Legend proclaimed that the Cloud Warriors would be the key to saving the Inca people, and the secret to all could be found on the top of Alahambra, a sheer mountain next to Machu Picchu in the Western Amazon Basin.The young prince, Puri, had lost everything at a young age. An attack on his village took the only thing he had left—his loving grandfather. Lost and alone, the young boy learned to survive on his wit, despite his disability.When Puri grew older, his Uncle Kamen, the warrior that stole his birthright and kingdom, threatened his people again, and Puri must rise above what he is to become who he was meant to be—what he was born to be…. A King

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Modern methods of agriculture have led to cities growing out of control and reducing the available agricultural land, threatening the sustainability of our food system. The...

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African women of antiquity were legendary for their beauty and power. Throughout African History, there were fearless Women who stood up and fought for their rights and those...

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An intensely-entertaining, woman-friendly, rhymed and metered poetry cycle about the sexes and gender, written from a male, Muslim American perspective.

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Adobe Photoshop has long provided cutting edge technology for sophisticated digital editing, and ADOBE PHOTOSHOP CREATIVE CLOUD REVEALED provides a solid foundation for those...

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Seminar paper from the year 2009 in the subject English Language and Literature Studies - Literature, grade: 1,0, University of Erfurt (Sprachwissenschaft), course:...

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