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`Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.' Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine When Bernadette Bohan was diagnosed with cancer for a second time, she took Hippocrates' advice on board. She embraced a plant-based, living food diet and soon noticed real results: her health improved greatly, her skin glowed, her energy exploded and her waist shrank. Bernadette has since become an advocate for this way of life, helping thousands of people get back to better health. Now, for the first time, she shares her secrets in her much-anticipated cookbook. Give your body the food it was meant to eat with these delicious, nourishing recipes. Choose from immune-boosting juices, nurturing soups, alternative comfort dishes and yummy treats that everyone will love. These recipes are perfect for anyone with an appetite for health. `After my wife and I started to follow Bernadette's guidelines for healthy living, the benefits were almost immediate; I had much more energy, I lost weight and we both felt so much healthier. Our immune systems have improved beyond recognition. I can't even remember the last time either of us needed the services of a doctor for any kind of ailment.' Derek Nequest `Bernadette changed the way I think about food and what I thought was healthy.' Louise Flynn "Raw is perfect for those who want to feel great and have a healthy appetite for life." - 'This might be the healthiest book we've seen in a long time; think sprouted salads, carb-free spaghetti or dairy-free creme Chantilly.' - Easy Food

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