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"I swallowed the sun," Benjamin's first published collection of poems, is an amalgamation of myths, meter, and Michigan forests, reflecting on childhood, fatherhood, loss, love, politics, and every day life in Middle America. Benjamin briefly studied creative writing at Central Michigan University, and has been published in Allegory Ridge. In his other lives he is a classical singer and voice teacher, and he aspires to write speculative fiction.From "I swallowed the sun:""The Poem"I was angry once. I turned myAnger into fire and it becameThe sun. I swallowed theSun and it became sadness. IVomited the sadness and itBecame music. I made love withThe music and it became a poem.“The Trumpet and The Knife”Oh, the trumpet shall sound, dear,And the dead be pearly white,And a jack knife incorruptibleShall be way out of sight.When that change bites with its teeth, dear,Scarlet trumpets begin to sound,And the dead shall be raised, dear—A cement body dropping down.On the sidewalk, Sunday trumpet,You can bet that bag is dead.Someone’s sneaking, incorruptible,And we shall be red.“Echo”I remember voices in the dawn andClinging to the lawn to climb it, pine conesPopping, sticking to the walls. Before theSinging there were noises. They are gone. AndIn their place, the ringing of a millionBillion suns, their cobwebs flung across theSea of time, declares the flame of memoryDim before itself. To be alive hasAlways been to capture light and sound andSweat as in a fishing net; to see theEchoes of the distant quasars shootingThrough our history and document them.Now the spinning wheels of astral arms haveHeld us close to suckle, and the heaving Breast of time descends to fill our hearts. InYouth we once believed in love and art. FromChildhood dreams we see our futures written,Scrawled across the sky in stardust, song, andBlood. But we are not the bodies that weOnce discovered in the mud, and we areNot the dreamers or the singers or theStars. We are the echo of a preciousPiece of memory, shooting, ringing: not theBodies; not the voices; but the art.

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