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The period of Biblical history known as the Divided Kingdom or the period of the Kings and the Prophets refers to the time when the nation of Israel broke into two rival kingdoms—Israel in the north and Judah in the south—each governed by its own succession of kings. During this period of monarchical rule, God sent many prophets with the purpose of keeping the government of His covenant people in line with His commandments and righteous laws. Besides the prophets which were anointed to address particular situations, there was an unbroken line of written prophets from Joel (chronologically) to Daniel who were sent to deliver words of judgment, warning, instruction and hope for the future. In order to appreciate the intricate fabric of this complex period one has to weave together three books of history—I and II Kings and II Chronicles—and all the prophets from Isaiah to Zephaniah. Kingship ended under Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian dominion when the last king of Judah was taken captive to Babylon. The entire nation’s captivity officially ended in 536 BC when Cyrus, the first Persian emperor, released the captives to return to their homelands and rebuild what Babylon had destroyed. As we study the accounts of Biblical and secular history we discover the magnitude of the hand of God operating throughout the heathen world and, more intimately, in the midst of Israel’s many trials and aberrations. Our faith is strengthened as we recognize that it is the hand of the same God who controls our current world affairs in the global events of these days. The intent of this book is to guide the student as well as the most dedicated pastors and teachers through this dynamic period in simplicity and historical accuracy, and in so doing, reinforce our faith as we face the mounting turbulence in our own generation.

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The Divided Kingdom Of Israel And Judah C.975--536 Bc De Epub

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