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Join Colonel Preston Steele, now retired Brigadier General, from my military action novel The Will Of America - America Spartans, as he and four other military-trained men are recruited to head a massive grant program designed to positively impact 140 delinquent and misguide teenaged boys from some of Philadelphia’s toughest neighborhoods in this exciting and powerful new drama about an up and coming kick-butt precision drill team. Tasked with the near impossible; turning these wild, and potentially violent, boys into well-disciplined young men, as well as productive citizens, these five men are more than up for the challenge. The path isn’t an easy one as the five face multiple issues, some life-threatening, as they go about being the role models and image makers these rogue boys lacked growing up. Many are rival gang members sworn to live and die by the laws of their gang and whatever lessons they learned on the streets. The question is will the majority of these malcontents learn the lesson they are sent there to learn and that is United We Stand, Divided We Fall? The answer is a lesson our politicians, our parents, and our communities could possibly take to heart and learn from.

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This book explores the impact of the Internet on scholarly research across and beyond the social sciences. The contributors - leading figures in a broad spectrum of...

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"If You Don't Know Me By Now," "The Love I Lost," "The Soul Train Theme," "Then Came You," "Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now"―the distinctive music that became known as Philly Soul...

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Beginning with Cesar Ghiselin in 1681, Philadelphia has a long and storied history of silversmithing that includes notable artists such as Joseph Richardson Sr. and Jr.,...

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The next generation of fairy tale heroes are being trained at REGAL ACADEMY, but that doesn’t mean there’s no time to party! Rose Cinderella and her classmates Travis Beast,...

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