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‘God’s domain’ takes ChesneyBarrettt, Travis Weld on a potentially world-changing mission.'MIDLAND, Mich. – Travis Weld, leader of a clandestine government team, reaches out once more to environmental graduate student Chesney Barrett in the fourth book of Robert Gallant’s suspense thriller series featuring the two characters. This time, Travis needs Chesney’s skills to help rescue a brilliant archaeologist, David Phillips, from guerillas in the Yucatan. The mission plunges Chesney into a dangerous and complex quest for the sacred site of Viracocha, the legendary god. To reach God’s Domain, Chesney and David must decipher the clues and face a duplicitous ally and ruthless military commander on a journey that has the potential to change the world forever.    Gallant says he was inspired by “Reading a series of articles in National Geographic about ancient South American cultures and the Nazca Lines in Peru.  I then spent several years researching Mexican and South American cultures to develop the scenario for the novel.” “Sometimes what we do can create a much more dangerous problem than we expected,” Gallant says. “People and nations sometimes use their personal concept of God to justify punishing and controlling others.”

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