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"Equity and Fairness in Islam" is the first work in the English language to deal specifically with the subjects of equity and fairness in Islamic law. Prof M. H. Kamali relates these concepts to the Islamic legal notion of "istihsan", thus taking these concepts back to their origin in the Qur'an, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad and the era of the Companions of the Prophet in the first two centuries of Islam.---"Equity and Fairness in Islam" is divided into two parts. In Part One, Prof M. H. Kamali explores equity and its applications, especially as a basis for the formulation of Islamic law, comparing it with other concepts essential for law making such as general consensus (ijma), analogical reasoning (qiyas) and considerations of public interest (maslaha). Equity and fairness are then looked at from the points of view of three of the schools of law: the Hanafi, the Maliki and the Hanbali. In Part Two, Prof M. H. Kamali attempts to apply the concepts of equity and fairness to certain issues of contemporary concern and especially to commercial transactions. The issues raised here are related to Islamic banking, sale transactions, charitable endowments, pensions funds and other long-term saving accounts.---The concluding part of the "Equity and Fairness in Islam" deals with the relationship between the concepts of equity and fairness, and the goals and objectives of Islamic law, and how these two concepts can work as instruments for securing the objectives of Islamic law. "Equity and Fairness in Islam" can be read in conjunction with other Prof M. H. Kamali's titles, especially "Islamic Commercial Law".

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