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A stirring set of shorts from the author that brought you Her Calling.Bandaged Soul:Stevie has been trying to mend a broken heart and tear down walls she’s had in place for years. Those things are easier to overcome than the battered soul she keeps hidden from the world. With the tough, brotherly love of her best friend Devin and a new love interest, she might finally succeed.The Spaces Between:Can love survive a galaxy of separation? Find out in this tale of one woman’s search through the stars. Aliens, blaster fights and warp jumps keep Harley on her toes as she scours distant planets for her lost love.Love Untold:That first step, telling someone how you feel about them, is always the hardest. That step can be even more difficult when the one you love is your best friend. Join Lily as she decides between maintaining her lifelong friendship with Carly and risking it all to finally admit her true feelings.Timeless Love:After waking up from a blackout confused and unsure of her surroundings, Mel finds herself sucked into a new, unbelievable reality. Where, and when, she’s landed will challenge everything she thought she knew and change her life. When life throws her yet another curveball, will she find a way to get back to the new life she’s built or lose it all forever?

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Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature 2000. Part travel diary, part philosophy, part love story, ‘Soul Mountain’ is an elegant, unforgettable novel that journeys deep into...

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This is not just a book of Poetry, it is a reflection on the life I have lived personally as a man of color, coming of age and reflecting on my life as a human being and as...

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Rena is 17 and nothing gets to her. Not even when her parents kick her out and her older brother has to take her abroad with him. In Uganda, at a school for ex-child...

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