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Adapted from the book, The Good News Show begins by focusing on the TV news media in the United States, but ends up chronicling the downfall of humanity. It is no accident that this downfall coincides with the loss of our rights and freedoms, just one being the freedom of speech. So be warned: The scenes are graphic. The dramatic stories they tell revolve around the lives of the main characters, Jim and Kathy, news anchors who decide that freedom of speech is only free when we all have a voice and that the air waves belong to all of us, not the Government. Does the Government seek to control the masses by controlling the news and its advertising? Do they do this under the guise of protecting us when really it is about political power? These provocative questions and much more is the core of this book. In the end The Good News Show goes beyond the interplanetary boundaries of time and space to show just how far reaching power mongering can be, and how its corruption can produce the strangest of outcomes.

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