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*THIS BOOK IS BEING REFORMATTED. PLEASE REVISIT AFTER JANUARY 1ST, 2019 FOR PROPER FORMAT VERSION OFFICIAL UPDATE.Hi, my name Jay Mundi and I wrote the following book called “Legendary WareRoar: Part One” The book is designed to promote a new ultimate action superhero -the most powerful one you will likely ever read. HOOK: it’s ultimate purpose is to help save and improve all life everywhere by teaching everyone how to live a full meaningful life and achieve all their life goals and successfully “Live a Legendary Life.” Readers learn how to do this through 8 Soular Fusion forces based on Needs and wants in life.NEED ZONES: 1. Soular Spirit (white color text represented here by light grey color), 2. Happiness, 3. Fuel (Healthy eating), 4. Xercise (Physical Health) WANT ZONES: 5. Work, 6. Familia, 7. Fun, 8. WealthBrief Background: The main character the “Legendary Wareroar” a.k.a. “Legend” is designed to be anyone in the world and so readers can insert their own names into the blank spaces (ex. ___________ INSERT NAME) periodically provided to personalize the story. Since the main character can be male or female I have included a unisex reference with the term at times: “s/he.” This term can be applied to any sex to be more accurate, so it can be all inclusive to everyone in the world, including those who may not classify themselves as traditional gender male and female categories. The main superhero character is also based on my real life story and the challenges I have faced to achieve over 99.9% of my life goals. The only goals I have left are to get married and have kids and continue completing endless bucket list activities. The story of Legend is designed to share the secrets of my rise story in a fun appeal to current millennials who spend most of their time fantasy hero gaming, watching popular television shows such as Game of Thrones and watching billion-dollar superhero movies, and consuming their corresponding merchandises.Story Synopsis: The story is based on 3 quests engaged by Legend. Each quest represents the growing challenges everyone faces in their lives from youth, to adults, to eventually seniors. The first quest starts with Legend waking up from a coma and hooked up to a life support machine to find s/he has amnesia. Legend begins a soul search journey to learn who s/he is and along this quest Legend meets 8 Key Head MaStars (Masters) who each represent and teach the 8 different key aspects of life.There is so much going on in this Legendary treasure 469 page book (large size like Harry Potter Goblet of Fire) that it would take many more pages to explain it all, so I hope you will take the time to skim through the attached free sample chapter. The book also contains many EaStar egg surprises such as simple and highly effective goal hitting tools to help people of all ages to “rise and shine” everyday. Lastly, the color coded and underlined texts are part of my educational "Legendary Life Learning" system introduced in the book to help struggling readers recognize the key points in the story and assist them in developing a love of learning, reading and at the same time see how beautiful the world and life is!Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope you will enjoy this memorable read!Jay Mundi, B.Ed, B.A., M.EdFor more information, visit

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