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Two wide, die-cut eyes and a bright red cover invite readers to dive into this irresistible seek-and-find picture book that's unlike anything they've seen! Two adorable characters embark on an over-the-top game of hide-and-seek that takes readers on a whirlwind trip through eleven detail-rich scenes, including a lively neighbourhood, a bustling shop, an offbeat office space, a festive concert, and more. Open the book from the front to search for one of the characters. Then, open the book from the back and search for the other! It's two seek-and-find experiences in one book! And as the main characters move through each illustrated spread their colours change, too, infusing an already engaging artful experience with an element of challenge.

Playing Hide And Seek De PDF

Dora Dormouse is on her way to have tea with Timmy Tortoise when she comes across Alex Ant who is playing hide and seek. Alex Ant asks for Dora Dormouse's help as he needs to...

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Suzi sloth is going on holiday and taking all her friends with her. Sloths are more adventurous than you may think and they plan to travel far and wide - to the busy streets...

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The melipone bee and the vanilla orchid plant hailed from the heart of the tropical rainforests of Mesoamérica. Over time, they evolved along-side each other because the...

Hide And Sneak Epub Gratis En Español Sin Registrarse

As one of nine siblings raised in the Deep South, plus-sized P.I. Savannah Reid has experienced her share of family drama. But shotgun weddings and snooty in-laws don’t worry...

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In this charming follow-up to Go to Sheep, a sheep is ready to play a game of hide and seek, so count to ten and see if you can find him!The star of Go to Sheep is back in...

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Libros Gratis Descargar Find The Duck Libro PDF

Where is the duck? Toddlers are challenged to find it in this book which provides other amusing situations to talk about, and familiar objects to name.

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