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Descargue gratis el libro Power Unleashed con nosotros, pase tiempo con los beneficios y relájese en las redes sociales. En el mundo loco de la modernidad, tómese el tiempo para escapar del gris de la vida cotidiana y muchos problemas. Descarga Power Unleashed de nuestro sitio, sumérgete en el mundo mágico de la palabra impresa. En nuestro portal hay lecturas para todos los gustos y, lo más importante, no le costará ni un centavo.

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It was the perfect crime. With unlimited power and the law at their disposal, nothing could stop them. Until... Nathan Daniels, a computer programmer in Colorado, discovers a secret government document that outlines the plan to steal billions of dollars from innocent people. When he calls on his life long friend, attorney Maxwell Rosenthal, who in turn calls on Senator Thomas Haden, the three find themselves in battle with an unstoppable foe that threatens to destroy their lives. Filled with controversy and suspense, Power Unleashed is an action packed novel that brings the reader face to face with a government out of control.

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Steve Ditko’s astounding career is presented here from the early 1950s to the present. Examples of his work for Charlton, Warren, Marvel and DC are shown, both as printed...

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After eight months as Death’s North America Intern, Isis Black is comfortable seeing dead people.She is used to talking to the souls of the departed and helping Death carry...

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A witch is a wise woman, a healer. Yet for so long the word "witch" has had negative connotations. In this book, third generation hereditary witch Lisa Lister explains the...

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CHAMELEON DAYS: POETRY COLLECTION“Be seen, not heard,” is what her Mother said. However, for this poet, her Mother’s words fell on deaf ears. K.L. Loveley is a woman...

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Book 2 of the Telepathic Clans Saga, the sequel to the multiple 5-star reviewed The Succubus Gift. It's not easy being a succubus. Brenna O'Donnell and Rebecca Healy continue...

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By philosophical definition, power is the ability to influence the behavior of others with or without resistance. By youth motivational speaker Carlos Ojeda Jr.’s definition,...

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