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"Living Memories" is a collection of personal stories of those who lived through momentous national events. In poignant interviews, elders from across Kenya share their experiences of the tumultuous colonial period, the independence struggle, and forgiving a brand new Kenya. Each powerful and true story eloquently evokes where Kenya has come from, and in so doing suggests possible ways forward. Insightful, enlightening, thought provoking.

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The town stood quietly on an island surrounded by water. It is positioned in a beautiful surrounding of waterfront, fisherman’s wharf, seashells, crabs, canoes, boats, cabins...

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What are your earliest childhood memories? Were you afraid of the dark? Can you remember a particularly embarrassing moment? Those memories—along with the words and emotions...

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Miss Valentine was in over her head. What was she thinking entering the amateur stripping contest? But when her eyes locked onto the mysterious man front and center of her...

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If poetry is the crown of a language, let this piece be a tiny jewel embedded in it for eternity. Here's a collection of poems catering to all types of readers - amateur and...

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A park. A murder. We enter a world of shadows, a world in which a young woman faces the deepest mysteries and conflicts of her life - the truth about the unsolved death of...

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Most studies of the impacts of climate change consider impacts in the future from anthropogenic climate change. Very few consider what the impacts of past climate change have...

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